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Beautiful and Broken

Today a client shared her struggle with how she sees herself in this world. She questions how anyone could see her as beautiful when she feels so broken. She is wrought with pain (“something is wrong” and shame (“I am wrong”;). She wrestles with the trauma she has endured in her short 20 something years. She feels lost and invisible…to herself and to others.

How we see ourselves and how we believe others see us shape our experience in this world. For example, if as a child you were surrounded by positive role models and encouraging adults who supported your gifts, accomplishments and positive qualities you most likely feel generally good about yourself and this world most likely is a welcoming place to you. However, if you were brought up in a home where there was little engagement or support and most interactions with others was based on fear, anxiety or anger, you may feel unwelcomed by others around you and see yourself as a stranger of sorts, a misplaced outsider in this world.

The way we grow up matters. How it has shaped our identity and formed our ability to navigate this life is impactful. However, it does not have to be the permanent definition of who we are, our value or our worth. Our history is not our whole story. It does not have to be a life sentence. Our history is just our backstory. It’s the back drop to today and today is just another beginning. We get to define the rest of the story from this day forward.

There is hope!

Call today and let’s get started with your next chapter together 754-366-0734

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