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Coaching and Counseling for Pastors and Their Wives

Pastor Gary and Kathy Mauro founded and planted Calvary Chapel Sawgrass over 35  years ago, which has grown today into a thriving church serving South Florida. They have seen all the highs and the lows of ministry. Great celebrations, successful campaigns and rapid growth, but also the pain of betrayals, burnout and failures that are all a part of a lifetime of ministry. They have now successfully transitioned leadership to the next generation.

They are selectively available for special counseling, coaching or other events to serve pastors and their wives and church planters.

For more information about ministry coaching and counseling please contact us here.

Gary has a Master’s degree in Divinity and has served as a professional family therapist. Gary and Kathy have been married for over 36 years and have three grown daughters. To learn more about Pastor Gary Mauro click here or visit:

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